Automate your Rental management process and manage cash flows better

Rent management made easy

We enable Landlords and Property managers of Commercial centers and Co-working spaces to better manage rentals from multiple properties in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Automate Rent collections

Our dashboard enables you to automate Rent collection and payment reconciliation.

Rent deposit management

You can now better account, manage and refund rental deposits at a click of the button.

Know your Tenants

We offer screening services and feedback systems for you to better know about tenants.

Rental documentation

We enable you to get into templated digital rental agreements with your tenants.

Integrated Credit for Rentals

Your tenants now get access to credit for rentals and rent deposits from our partners thus enabling timely collections for you.

Landlords Insurance

Now insure yourself against various kinds of financial losses connected to rented properties and tenants.

  • Digital KYC systems
    (Authenticate your tenants)
  • Invoice management systems
    (Automate Invoice generation)
  • Integrated payment Gateway
    (Offer various payment modes)
  • Real-time insights on your dashboard
    (Data on your fingertips)

Digital KYC systems

  • Use our Tenant profiling systems to get the right tenants
  • Get them on-boarded with minimal documentation
  • Rate your tenants and gather feedback from them

Invoice management systems

  • Auto-generate invoices for Rent and track payments
  • Collect Rent maintenance and miscellaneous expenditure easily online
  • Schedule your reminders to tenants over SMS and Email

Integrated payment Gateway

  • You get to offer various payment options to Tenants
    • Credit card (45 days* of Credit available)
    • Debit card
    • Net banking
    • Wallets
    • UPI
  • Multiple modes of billing the transaction charges
  • Facilitate EMIs to your tenants from partner banks for Rent deposits

Real-time insights on your dashboard

  • Get real-time insights on your Rent collections and dues
  • Manage revenue centers for your multiple properties
  • Get access to interesting insights on Rental yields and suggestions
  • No Maintenance Charges
  • No Setup/Integration Fee
  • Flat 1.00 %* Per Transaction + Taxes
Our subscription plans start from just Rs.2,000/-* a month.
Conditions apply *