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Get to know your tenants better while renting out your property

A comprehensive screening solution
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Paymatrix offers a comprehensive rental screening process to both landlords and tenants, enabling both of them to know more about each other. We work towards strengthening the tenant-landlord relationship through a transparent and technology-driven process.

Identity check

Get theidentity and demographics of your tenant authenticated by verifying the same with UIDAI’s database. The same can be done with a few clicks and a one-step consent from your tenant.

what paymatrix

what paymatrix
Credit check

Know more about your tenant’s payment behavior and credit score through integrated reports from CIBIL. Get insights on the potential rent payment pattern of your prospective tenant.

Social check

As rightly said, our connects reflect what we are as a person. We offer insights about an individual’s social profile and the strength of his connections, both personal and professional.

what paymatrix

what paymatrix
Psychometric check

We enable you to know better about your tenants by having a personality match through our unique psychometric analysis. You can now have the luxury of finding the like-minded companion at the property.


Landlord emails screening requests to the prospective tenants


Tenants authorizes requests by providing required information online


Our unique algorithm gathers information and generates a detailed tenant profile


Our Insights coupled with tenancy score lets you make informed and confident renting/leasing decisions