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Paymatrix enables you to pay monthly property rent and rent advances the smarter way! As a tenant, you can now pay rent on credit, generate rent receipts and rent agreements online and avail several related services, all at a single place.

This means better management of cash flows and now you can postpone your rent payment for a while to spend on something even worthwhile.


Monthly Rent Amount

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Conventional way Paymatrix
Payment Mode Cash/Net Banking Net Banking/Credit card
Credit Option NO YES
Rent Receipts (For Tax exemption) NO YES
Discounts and Rewards NO YES
Rent Agreements YES YES
Consolidation of Expenditure NO YES
Rent Advance Management NO YES
Build Credit history NO YES

Collect your rent on-time from your tenant

Paymatrix enables you to timely collect rent from your tenant by extending the option of paying rent on credit card. As a landlord or property manager, you can also issue rent receipts online, generate rent agreements, screen your potential tenants and manage multiple properties all at a click on your dashboard. All these mean hassle-free rent management and better service to your tenants!.


Conventional way Paymatrix
Collection Mode Cash/Net Banking Net Banking/Credit card
Security Deposit Management NO YES
Automated issue of Rent receipts NO YES
Rent agreements YES YES
Discounts and Rewards NO YES
Branding of your property NO YES
Tenant Screening NO YES

Know how to get
more out of your credit card !

icons Reward points
iconsFuel cards
iconsGift vouchers
Award amount : Rs. {{(rent_amount*points)/value | number:0}}*
Award type : Membership Reward points


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