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EMI-free loans for Rent deposits

Yes, you heard it right! Now avail loan for Rent deposit and pay only the interest every month. No EMIs, no hassles.
You can avail this option even if you have already paid the deposit to your landlord.

EMI-Free Loan benefits

EMI Loans EMI-Free Loans
Monthly Principal Repayment YES NO
Interest Payment YES YES
Interest rate per month 1.5 – 2% 1.5% (Flat)
Processing charges 2 – 3% 2%
Pre-closure charges 3% 0%
Documentation time 10-15 days 4 -7 days

Calculate now

Rent amount payable {{ (+rent_amt) }}

Interest amount payable
(On loan given for Rent deposit)
{{ (+rent_dept) * 0.015 }}

Total payment every month{{ (+rent_amt) -- ((+rent_dept) * 0.015) }}

Deposit of Rs.{{ (+rent_dept) }} to be paid back to lender in full at the end of the Tenancy contract for {{ tot_mon }} months

Discounted processing charge of 1.5-2%*

No Pre-payment charges

Close the loan and pay back the deposit without any charge

No EMI burden

unlike a personal loan

Quick processing

Loan to be processed within 48 hours

Minimal documentation

We gather much of the information digitally

How does it work?

Signup with Paymatrix

Visit the section ‘EMI-free Loans’

Apply and get the loan status within 24 hours

Once approved, submit the required documents

Attend the verification call and Sign the agreement

Get the money in your bank account in 24 hours

Close the loan and pay back the deposit without any charge